One Big Thing


Welcome to Patchwork and Potpourri—Pieces of Life


In starting this blog project, I wanted to share some of the stories of my family, my experiences and the wonderful ways God has worked in my life to make it rich, challenging and rewarding.  As I thought more about all of this, I realized that a big life is really made out of a lot of small pieces.  Mama was, among other things, a quilter.  The whole family snuggles under quilts she worked on with Granny, Aunt Ruby, Aunt Martha and Mrs. Allred (our neighbor until we moved when I was 16).  Dad used to joke with them, saying,”Why do you go to so much trouble cutting up big pieces of cloth into little pieces and then sew them up into one big piece again?”  Of course, he appreciated the beauty of those handmade treasures as much as all the rest of us do.

Life is really like a quilt, or like a colorful, fragrant jar of potpourri; one big thing made out of a lot of little pieces.  As I write here about the pieces of my life, I hope to share meaningful stories and descriptions of the people who populate my universe, the experiences that have shaped who I am becoming, and why they have meant so much to me.  I am glad to have the company of anyone who wants to read along, laugh, think, and laugh some more.  Image

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